Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rapin' and Pillagin' your Village...

So yeah we are comin' for ya...Me and my Chwoe getting ready for battle

Chwoe's looks can be deceiving...

Nothing hidden here I will devour your soul.

What Chwoe is wearing:
Skin-Mynerva Kianna 3 (sorry store closed until further notice) :(
Shape-Her own creation
Hair-Truth Sia in Espresso
Eyes- ID Starburst in Gray
Lashes- Magika Real Prim Lashes
Piercing-KOWP Blithe Piercing (Belly)
Feet-Slink Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoes
Tattoo-Moloko Inked tattoo Korean Flowers
Outfit-RUDE:Ru-Designs Shadow Slave Black
Cuffs-MD Rubber Cuffs
Collar-OXAnimations Torn Black

What I am wearing-
Skin- Apple May Designs Peachy Vogue 2
Shape- My own shape
Hair Base- Deetalez Shaved Dragon Black
Hair-Milana Willow Blacks
Tattoo- Plastik Hindi
Nails- MStyle Long Classic
Eyes-ID Starburst Turquiose
Lashes- Catwa NoAlpha Lashes #5
Cuffs-MD Rubber Cuffs
Collar- Panda Express Whore for Horror Collar (<3 this store and Kiokins)
Piercings- annaA ammit, dibbuk, & Bhutus piercings
                 Acide! Deviant V1
                 Cobrahive Nose Swirl
Earrings-LaGyo Radii Earrings
Outfit-G Spot Ragefem Outfit
Fur Collar- G Spot Eclipse Soft Collar
Shoes-G.Field Open Boots Vilda in Black (from Shoe Fair)

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