Friday, May 20, 2011

Ska Diva featuring Chwoe

This is what too much weed will do to you! LOL

I keep waiting for a puff of smoke...

Ok so I know it is really bright but it works...<3

What she is wearing:
Skin: Tuli Sara Pearl 02 red lip option
Eyes: ID Starburst in Grey
Hair: Action Emily in Skunk
Piercings:KOWP Pierced Prim Nipples *Outsider*, Belly *Blithe*
Cuffs: MD Rubber Cuffs
Collar: OXAnimations Torn Black Black
Shoes: Action X Patent Wedges: Vamp Set in Ruby with Crew White Socks
Tie: Action Unisex Losse Skinny Tie in Black
Shorts: The Whore Mansion Shitty Pant in Black
Top: Snatch Wanderlust Ribber Corset in White/Sheer

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