Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dark Muse, Bright White

 Lost in the woods

 One with Nature
 Beautiful Day

What I am wearing:
Skin-PF Elle Pure in Chai with Bitten Lip Option
Eyes-ID Monochrome Eyes in Grey 1
Lashes-Catwa 3D Lashes #5
Make Up-Label Mode La Vie Make up Turqoise
                Miamai Vintage Liner A in Black
Tattoo-Plastik HIndi
Hair-Tram A405 in Black (tinted darker)
Hair Piece-Tram Peacock Hair Accessory C
Jewelry-Kosh Ginko Necklace and Bracelet
Ring-Tasty Sushi Sushi Ring
Nails-Mandala Option Nails in Pink
Top-Mon Tissue Cropped Tank top in Off White
Pants-Tram Border Pants in Green
Shoes-Slink Echo Heels in White

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