Friday, June 17, 2011

Just hang in there

Yeah I know so funny!

 swinging from the rafters...
 No way I am not jumpin'...
 Look Mom no hands!
 Oops I slipped
 Stop looking up my dress!
 I think I'm going to faint...
I replaced that light bulb!

So this cute pose prop is from .synt for the Ch1C celebration sooo totally cute!<3

What I am wearing:
Skin-Al Vulo Miha Black 2 in Peach
Eyes-ID Monochromatic Eyes in Grey 1
Lashes-Catwa NoAlpha Lashes #5
Hair-[e] Garden in Black 04
Nails-Mandala Way Nails and Rings
Dress-Indie Rose Frilled Tube Top Dress in Floral 2
Shoes-NCore Caprice in Marine
Earrings-R.Icielli Skull Earring PP (from the accessory fair)

as for facial piercings and my shape I will no longer be putting them on here cause its repetitive if you really want to know you can look but know that they were heavily modified and my shape is custom.<3

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