Monday, June 20, 2011

Waiting...Plus a few bonus

 Waiting for you....

 Close up of the make up

Ok so here is  a bit of fun for you some random Make up shots that i love.

What I am wearing:
Skin-AlVulo Miha Black2 in Peach
Eyes-ID Monochrome in Grey1
Lashes-Catwa NoAlpha Lashes #5
MakeUp-Boom Lipwax in Magenta (waiting)
               La Malvada Mujer Trick Pony #5 (aftermath)
               A.E.Meth Egyptian Glam in Silver (cateyes)
Hair-[e] Wish in Black 04 (waiting)
         Lelutka Rykeil in fromdusktilldawn (aftermath tinted)
         Truth Adelle in Raven (cateyes)
Bodysuit-Whore Mansion Jumpsuit Vivid Black
Ring-Donna Flora Zsa Zsa Leo in Turquoise

All the Make Up Layers worn here are available at the Kozmetika Event check it out!

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