Monday, August 1, 2011

Deviant Behavior

This seemingly innocent looking sofa from Deviant is so devilish you will rush out and get one... Pervy pics below.

Three Way Rawrs
Finally Licks
Ouch Carpet Burn
Does this make my ass look Fat?
Monkey Love!
The creator and her creation... Riann Maltese of Deviant <3

So details it's all about the details, and this sofa is full of details. There is so much that we can discuss the amazing textures give you the feel of luxury (and it is mod so you can customize to your decor). The comfy look makes you want to relax and watch movies or whatever. Now in the sofas menu are various options as well as sit poses built into the cushions. The sofa is a steal at 2500L and trust me you will get every pennies worth with the fun to come, or cum you pick.

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