Sunday, August 7, 2011

Punk Rock Girls Do It Better!, MoMo and Moogs Making It Hawt!

Me and Moogs Doing It Up Right & Making It Hawt...More Below!

 Moogs in the Limelight!
 A Face To Make You Green With Envy!

 This Is How We Do This Shit!
Nothing Better Than A Red Lip To Kiss You With!

So Moogle and myself went to The Secret Store and she fell in LOVE with the lime green boots, then this came about Enjoy! The Goods Below!...

What Moogle is Wearing:
Skin-The Body Co Iris in Medium Tan
Eyes-Insight Clear Blue Eyes
Lashes-Catwa 3D Lashes
Make Up-Bang Bang
                PF Elle   
Piercing-Cobrahive Nose Swirl
Tattoo-Glue Ink Pandora
           Skin Deep Live or Die
Hair-Action Trudy 2 in Coal
Nails-Mandala Milky Way Nails in Gaga Black
Gloves-Glue Ink Ree Gloves in Leopard
Bracelets-Blitzed Legacy Cuffs in Black
Collar-Blitzed Legacy Collar in Black
Outfit-W&B Sweet Day Bodysuit in Black (From FLF!)
Shoes-The Secret Store

What I am Wearing:
Skin-AMD Arabell Bare 1 in Pale (ON SALE 199L SKIN PACKS GO NOW!)
Eyes-Poetic Colors Classic in Surf GrassLashes-Catwa 3D Lashes #5
Make Up-Boom Lipwax in Ruby
                Damned Kajal
Piercings-Hebanon Vial Smile
                Cobrahive Nose Swirl
Plugs-Nox Hoopla Plugs in Polka Dot
Hair-Raw House Lightning in Black 02
        Raw House Trilby in Black 02
Tattoos-Glue Ink Suicide Rocker
             Delusions I'm With Noob {NEW!}
             Salt & Pepper Carpe Diem (GSP Exclusive!)
Collar-Blitzed Legacy Collar in Black
Bracelets-Blitzed Legacy Cuffs in Black
                Delicious Hand Cuffs in Black (GSP Exclusive!)
Nails-Mandala Nail Palette 2 in Long {NEW!}
Gloves-Glue Ink Ree Gloves in Leopard
Top-FK Torn Horrorpops
Pants-.:SS:. Low Rise Jeans in Red {NEW!}
Suspenders-L.Inc Bodysuit w/Snake Suspenders
Boots-Resurrection Platform Laced & Strapped Boots

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