Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Corpse Bride!

 A Man Driven to do what he must....More of the Story Below!

 His Heart aches for what was once his.
 Her cold lifeless eyes gaze upon his hopeful soul.
 "Wake Up" he commands her.
 She falls to the ground and he all but gives up hope. When he has an idea...
 His hand wanders her icy cold body until she gasps for air waking from her deathly slumber...
He pulls her to him in what is the most passionate way possible given the situation.
Then finally a kiss only to bring him closer to Death they will never part.

A really fun set with someone new but very impressive Alexxx Delta (Alexxx1985.diablolito) Check out his work really amazing. =)

What I am Wearing:
Skin-AMD Mischa Fantasy Light in Gothly
Eyes-Fashism Sunrise Eyes in Pale Grey
Lashes-Catwa 3d Lashes #5
            AMD UltimateLashes in LashBlast
Piercings-CobraHive Nose Swirl
               AnnaA Mania (GSP Exlusive)
               Ni.Ju Chain  Chomp <revamp> (4.44.444 Exclusive)
Hair-D!va Hair Ema2 in Platinum
Nails-Mandala Nail Palette 1
Make Up-Flirt Eyeliner Heavy
                Hysteria Sleeping Beauty Lilac
Dress-Kyoot Pretty White Dress
Collar-Plastik Recluse Collar Bare in Renia
Lingere-Sticky Fingers White Corset Set
Shoes-GF Alex in Black

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