Monday, June 13, 2011


You're so Hypnotizing...

Could you be the Devil? Could you be an Angel?

Your touch magnitizing, Feels like I am floating Leaves my Body glowing

They say Be Afraid, you're not like the others, Futuristic Lover.....

Well my new friend Veleska the owner and creator of VEL Cosmetics made this ET inspired make up and well I had to do a post on it. OMG so cute!

What I am wearing:
Skin-Al Vulo Miha Black in Peach
Make Up-VEL Cosmetics ET Fawn Makeup
Eyes-ID Spring Eyes in Thunderstorm
Lashes-Catwa NoAlpha Lashes #5
Hair-Creatives Katy Special Edition Deep Black & gold (Only 49L OMFG)
Piercings-annaA Ammit, Dibbuk, Bhutus
                Acide! Deviant v1
                Cobrahive Nose Swirl
                Kowp Prim Nipples Hunter 2
                London Look Nishi
Nails-MStyle Long Classic Nails
Earrings-Mandala Senjyu in Multi METAL
Digi Parts-Panda Express Unicorn Set Brown (includes bottom layer of fur)
Tail-Epic Fauntasy Faun Twitchy Tail Brown

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