Friday, July 8, 2011

[DISTRICT X] part 1

 The entrance is only the start here...[DISTRICT X]

 The attention to detail on everything really grabbed me.

 A quick view of the "slums"
 The club is HOT
 VIP is cool.
Even has snacks! NOM NOM NOM!

Well I realize that I never blog places in SL just fashion but this place amazed me. The attention to detail and making it a unique futuristic place to RP blew my mind. [District X] takes the grungy feel of most futuristic sims and mixes it with distinctive asian elements giving it a feel of a future Tokyo. I really love the asian vibe and this is just the slums part of the sim there will be more coming soon!
Visit it if you want some amazing RP! GO NOW!

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