Friday, July 15, 2011

[DISTRICT X] part 2

 More From the [DISTRICT X] sim this time the underground and more!...

 More of the scenery.

 The Lab...*Hides!*


 A view of the underground

 One of many well placed TP points.

 The People you should expect to meet at the Filth Bar (Runefang Haenfir & Schdeuph Rosca)

 The Filth Bar

 VIP at the Filth Bar


 Hmmm I wonder who that is?

 The Mining Area is so amazing to look at

 Up Close from the Mining part of the sim.

The Park beware of the drones they get frisky.

Ok so I went back on my second visit to [DISTRICT X] I really was excited to check out more of it and as you can see it doesn't disappoint. While I was there I got a bit of feedback from some of the sim's roleplayers. The overall opinion is that the sim is very well dont the attention to detail is amazing and that as one put it " I liked it enough to get a rental :)". I have to agree this sim is so well done and detailed that i was there over an hour and it felt like 5 minutes. I wanted to know what they thought of it so far and all were optimistic about the sim picking up traffic and good RP. The sim is amazing and if you are a roleplayer and like this genre of RP go and check it out everyone is friendly and they all are enjoying themselves.

Thanks to everyone that spoke with me at the sim you were very helpful and kind even as i ran through your rp. XD 

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