Monday, January 16, 2012

Newness Quicky!!!!

 Newness from Spearsong and Truth....Yeah it's a Quicky!!!!!

And yeah here you go New New New!!!

Ok really fast cause I been meaning to get this one done, my pal Jared from Spearsong sent out this really hot shirt and I wanted to get this done really fast so you could see it. I paired it up with the two newest hairs from Truth cause I loved them and there you go so run to both places and get yours NOW!...

What I am Wearing (quickly):
Skin-Al Vulo Sally Black 2 in Porcelain
Eyes-Poetic Colors Classic Eyes in Surf Grass
Hair-Truth Sophie in Ivory
        Truth Evelyn in Ivory
Top-Spearsong Open Back Lace Top
Jeans-Perle Ultra Low Rise Jeans in Blue Used

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